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What is a Virtual Assistant?


Quite simply a Virtual Assistant is a self-employed professional who provides remote personal assistance services to clients.

Why Use a Virtual Assistant?

There are significant cost savings to be made in using a Virtual Assistant:

  • No Employers National Insurance contributions

  • No holiday, sickness, maternity, paternity or adoption pay

  • No pension contributions

  • No office equipment required

It also provides businesses with a great amount of flexibility:

  • You choose the exact tasks to outsource

  • You can change the hours a Virtual Assistant works for you on a weekly basis

  • You have an experienced professional to assist if your business requires extra cover during busy periods or at times of staff absence (holidays, sickness, maternity/paternity/adoption leave)

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is the perfect solution to small businesses who don’t want the added cost and expense of taking on an employee, or larger businesses just looking for some extra support on a flexible basis.

Why Choose The Flexible PA?

The Flexible PA aims to work as flexibly as possible around YOUR business needs, allowing you to choose from a range of great value tariffs, retainers and can even provide emergency support.

Contact Claire to discuss your business needs and how The Flexible PA can work for you.

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